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The Juice Therapy

Healthy living is in vogue, and juices are an elixir of good health. Nutro-Top health foods and juices know how hard it can be to maintain a good standard of health with an increasingly hectic lifestyle.

Natural, Fresh, Herbal, Vegetable & Fruit juices can really help in this case. In order to maintain good health, these juices in proper quantities are always recommended. They contain all the essential vitamins, minerals in easily digestible and assailable forms. Most diseases or disorders are traced either directly or indirectly to poor nutrition / Diet.

Why Juice diet?

Live fruit, vegetable and herbal juices require no work on the part of digestion but are absorbed directly into the blood and are utilized by the weakest stomach. There is much difference between one kilogram of carrots, Beetroots, Ginger, apples etc. and drinking their juices. The reason is that it is not easy to digest 1kg of carrots, but the same quantity can be easily assimilated in the blood. To overcome the deficiency of live organic mineral – salts in the human body, an abundant use of raw juices is essential because the digestive tract cannot assimilate the volume of bulk otherwise required by eating raw vegetables and fruits in sufficient quantities. Within a quarter of an hour of consumption on an empty stomach raw juices begin to enter the blood stream through the digestive processes. Thus glands, organs and indeed every cell of the body are able to extract quickly their individual food requirements, enabling to perform their functions in a strong and normal way. Proper nutrition supplies energy not only to the brain and muscles, but also provides “building blocks” to restore the worn out cells of every part of the body. If we can help the tissues repair themselves by correcting nutritional deficiencies, we can post pone old age also. This is possible by juice therapy. [Kanti Bhatt, Manhar shah (1986) Nature Cure Ashram, Uruli kanchan]