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Blend of old & New Nutro-Top Juices

Revealing the vital importance of such juices and foods, Nutro – Top has come up with innovative forms. Nutro – Top Foods has thoroughly blended traditional natural wealth with advanced technology so as to make these health products healthier, richer, safer and tastier.

Manufacturing: FDA approved, Fresh & hygienic

The Manufacturing unit is approved by FDA {Food and Drug Administration} and Out most care is taken while processing, Packing and distribution so as to keep the entire production -consumer cycle clean and hygienic. Healthy, vigorous and fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs are sorted out and cleaned with chlorinated water. All the equipment’s are sterilized using hot water and steam. Adequate processing & pre-cooling / chilling is done to maintain freshness, nutrition & enhancement of shelf of life (Below 4oc)

Temperature Maintenance from Production to delivery

Natural food contains several active enzymes that help body metabolism. The enzymes are thermolabile (Sensitive to heat). Even a small rise in temperature may destroy these useful enzymes partially or completely. Considering the marginal sensitivity of these products, very low temperature is maintained right from production till the product reaches consumer.